Which devices and libraries support Class C


Hello Guys,
I am looking for devices supporting Class C Operation. For controlling switch appliances.
Unfortunately i find the information available on the internet about the Class C very confusing and incomplete.
After reading for days i am still confused weather the Class C Operation depends on the radio used or the MCU used for interfering with the node radio ? I have used few modules from Dorji and Microship and interfaced with atmega328 but i could not find any Arduino library supporting class C.

Can anybody help with this, i want to know what devices/modules support Class C and is there any Arduino Library for the same… ?


There is a Seeduino device that is both Class A/C perhaps there is code in one of their Github libraries so that would at least get you towards your Arduino end goal. Also I would take a look at anything that is setup to work with the RN2483 chip since that has Class C abilities and from a quick Github search there are some Arduino files for it though the code might be more setup for Class A or B. The problem with your search is that a lot of people if not most people who are running an Arduino based device are probably only using the LMIC library and therefore are relegated to using Class A and B. Hopefully this helps you on your way at least a little bit.


Ok. Thank you very much @geofbaum. I found one more device Murata ABZ suggested by someone on this forum only. This looks promising…


Hey arihant… did you end up using the murata chips? I’m too looking for a Class C module…

Currently using Class A, with very short time interval between uplinks, to schedule a downlink… :wink:


Hi @Jithin_Saji_Isaac. We actually postponed working on Lora and so i could not test this. But I last time i researched and found that this boars is good. And will work with class C. Looks very promising. try it once and see…


okay i’ll try buying it… getting it in India is the issue, mouser.in is the only way out it seems… pretty costly a module though…