RX1DROffset setting

I have a gateway at the edge of range from an RN2903, and have found the gateway can hear uplinks at DR0 (SF10/125kHz), but the RN2903 isn’t receiving the downlinks because they are being sent at DR10(SF7/500). The downlink should be at DR8(SF12/500kHz).

I’ve tried setting RX1DROffset in the config file at every setting from 0 to 15 without success.

Plus, I can’t make sense of the RX1DROffset settings from LorRaWAN 1.0.2 Regional Parameters section 2.2.7 page 16, table 16.

Does [0:3] mean decimal 0 to 3, or 4 bits or what? I tried unsuccessfully to find the code in LoraServer where the downlink datarate is calculated, to hopefully get a hint.

What am I missing?

For US915 and uplink at SF10/125kHz, is the corresponding downlink SF10/500kHz or SF12/500kHz?


With any change to the RX1DROffset, whether on the portal or in the .toml file, each device has to be (re)activated.

Further, FWIW, it appears the RN2903 doesn’t receive DR11 or DR12. Still working on that.