[release] LoRa (App) Server v2.2.0 & LoRa Geo Server v2.0.0


This combination of releases adds geolocation support (using the Semtech Collos service) to the LoRa Server project :confetti_ball:

LoRa Geo Server v2.0.0

Initial release.


You need LoRa Server v2.2+ for geolocation.

LoRa Server v2.2.0



This adds support for geolocation through an external geolocation-server, for example LoRa Geo Server. See Configuration for configuration options.

Fine-timestamp decryption

This adds support for configuring the fine-timestamp decryption key per gateway (board).


  • Ignore unknown JSON fields when using the json marshaler.
  • Fix TX-power override for Class-B and Class-C. (#352)

LoRa App Server v2.2.0

Upgrade notes

This upgrade is backwards compatible with previous v2 releases, but when using geolocation-support, you must also upgrade LoRa Server to v2.2.0+.



This release adds geolocation support.

  • Configuration of fine-timestamp decryption keys (e.g. for the Kerlink iBTS).
  • .../location MQTT topics on which device locations are published.
  • Location notification endpoint for HTTP integration.
  • Per device reference altitude (for more accurate geolocation).


  • Replace garyburd/redigo/redis with gomodule/redigo/redis.


  • Status notification endpoint was missing for HTTP integration.
  • Fix /api endpoint redirecting to web-interface (this might require a clear cache).



Grate job, Thank you!!! :grinning::+1:


Man, great job! Step by step you are making the best LoRa server on the market, open and free. Incredible.


Awesome work man! It’s great to have you working on this.


Nice Work Man! Thank you!