OTAA failed / Debugging device activation OTAA issues


I have same issue BUT:
setting SF10 results in 100% joinAccept reception by end node
setting SF11 results in 50% joinAccept reception
setting SF12 results in 0% joinAccept reception and failure to join.

Tried using ABP with confirmed messages. Node sends packages with confirmation request. Again
SF10 - 100% confirmed
SF11 - 50% confirmed
SF12 - none is confirmed

Raising SF causes end node to fail receiving downlink packages. My end node is class A.

I suppose SF12 should be more stable…
What might be the reason?


Most likely SF12 is being rejected as the packets would be too illicitly long in time.

SF11 may be failing because they are so long in time that statistically some interference or time collisions may be happening before they are done.

Or there may be implementation bugs in your node that get triggered at higher spreading factors, for example wrong calculation of the transmit time leading to receiving at the wrong point in time.


Dear friends, I have a LoraWAN device. It’s a water-meter. It works on frequency 485.7MHz to 487.1MHz. When using OTAA, JoinAccept will use 506.1MHz or 506.5MHz. How can I change the frequency to 485.7Mhz - 487.1Mhz?