No gateway discovery data is available (yet)


Hello, brocaar, the problem I’m facing right now is that no matter how you configure the gateway, there’s always no Ping data. Can you help me?

  • How many gateways do you have?
  • Did you enable the gateway discover feature for you network server (web-interface -> network-servers -> gateway discovery)?


A gateway is configured with rhf2s008.
Network discovery has also started.


If you have only one gateway, it is expected that you won’t see anything here. The purpose of the gateway discovery is to measure the coverage between gateways, so you need two or more gateways to use this feature.


We have many (60+ active) gateways and discover feature enabled, but we not have ping data too… (some time ago, with older versions loraserver we could see ping data on map)
Can you help me?
See screenshots from loraserver and postgresql db

gateway ping table

gateway ping rx table


Are your gateways listening on 869.1 MHz? Shouldn’t this be 868.1 MHz or 867.1 MHz? See also the default packet-forwarder config:


We use RU864-870 band and packet forwarder config for RU range.


Sorry, my problem has not been solved.


We found something interesting:
Gateway discovery feature fully not worked on default channel 869.1 RU864-870 MHz ISM Band (LoRaWAN 1.1B Regional Parameters, page 64, line 1528). If we change TX freq from 869.1 to 867.9 then gateway discovery working with some issue: gateways transmit ping packets on 867.9, but other gateways report freq 867.1 with very low RSSI (see 1st screenshoot). We use RU864-870 ISM Band: 868.9 869.1 as 2 main channels and extra CF list with 5 channels from 867.1-867.9

  1. we cant see TX ping packets on gateway Live Lorawan Frames tab
  2. we cant see SNR on interactive map gateway discovery tab (see 2nd screenshoot)