MQTT topic for gateway config not updated


I’m trying to apply a gateway profile on one of my gateways but the new config is not forwarded to the MQTT broker.
The loraserver logs says msg=“gateway updated”, but there is no config sent to MQTT. I’ve tried restarting loraserver, lora-app-server and mqtt-broker.


LoRa Server pushes the configuration to the gateway when it receives a message from the gateway on the .../stats topic.


Thanks brocaar.

Now I know what to expect, but it doesn’t work. I’m subscribed to gateway/[id]/# and I can see the stats messages, but no config. I’ve tried unsetting gateway profile on the gateway and resetting it again.

I recall seeing the config message once in my initial testing, but now it’s not sent anymore. I’m running LoRa Server v2.4.1.