Monitoring the health of the network


Hey folks,

At present I’m monitoring Nginx/RabbitMQ/PostgreSQL/etc. but I’m wondering how I get the number of gateways, gateway health, and other LoRaServer-specific metrics out of the platform.

I’ve looked at however that involves being subscribed to a particular MQTT channel. I’ll go down this route if I have to, but I was hoping that there was an HTTP endpoint which would expose these metrics so I can simply CURL them.

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I should probably point out that I don’t actually use the Lora Gateway Bridge - all my gateways are Laird RG1xx and connect via MQTT, so I can’t use the Prometheus collector either.


The plan is to also provide Prometheus metrics in LoRa (App) Server in the future :slight_smile:


Awesome, that’s good news, especially as our monitoring solution of choice (DataDog) can ingest prometheus stats by default! :slight_smile:


Hey Brocaar - Is Prometheus something that’s a work in progress? We would love that to be present in loraserver and app server components as well and that’s something we would be happy to contribute too.


@brocaar Not sure if you had a chance to see my message above.


Are you aware about this link available here ==> maybe this is not the same purpose?


Lorhammer is for load-testing as opposed to systems monitoring.

At the moment, I’m monitoring RabbitMQ, Nginx, checking that the various LoRaServer processes, and the PGSQL database, but what I’d love to be able to get the metrics on is number of gateways attached, time taken to process messages within etc, all the things that let me know that the various parts of LoRaServer are working as expected and that allow me to spot when things are starting to go wrong.

Lorhammer is awesome, but as you can see from the bug I logged at, there are some issues with the way it works because of changes in the LoRaServer API.