Lora App Server new device registration


As i am working on a project where we will have multiple end node so it will not be possible to add device everytime manually , is there any option to get device registered automatically or some sort of solution available , please help me out with this, Thank you in advance !


You have to setup each device before it can be activated on the network. You can do this either by using the web-interface or the provided API.


Is it possible to import multiple devices simultaneously (BULK), for example from the .csv file? I have 100 end devices, the seller sent me all the data in csv and it would be easier to import them from the file!



You could use the gRPC / RESTful API for this :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I think I have the same issue as Mladen, I was able to link my end-device to the server and I can see the data that it is sending, but some minutes after that, I lose the link and I need to make it join again, is there a way of setting a stable join between the end-devices and loraserver?
Thanks in advance!