[Dragino Lora Shield] Downlinks and packet forwarder problems


Hello) sorry for my english)

I have set up Lora Server with this tutorial: https://www.loraserver.io/install/quick-install/
My Gateway is: Raspberry Pi 3 + Dragino Lora Shield v1.4
My Node is: Arduino UNO + Dragino Lora Shield v1.4

I use this packet forwarder for my Gateway: https://github.com/bokse001/dual_chan_pkt_fwd/tree/dual_chan_pkt_fwd_up_down

And i use this sketch for my Node:

I can get get uplink from Node on Gateway:

Then i get this on server without any problems.

Downlink from server i can receive on my Gateway:

And gateway have to send downlink to my node:

But on Node i don’t get any dowlnink:

  1. Why i can’t get downlink on Node?)

  2. I use dual packet forwarder, because as i understand - single channel packet forwarder can not receive downlink from server. And this packet forwarder - https://github.com/Lora-net/packet_forwarder - i can’t use with dragino lora shield. Is it true, i really can’t ?)

  3. I use this command to send downlink to my node:
    mosquitto_pub -h localhost -t “application/1/node/1111111111111111/tx” -u user -P user -m ‘{“reference”: “abcd”,“freq”:868.1, “confirmed”: false, “fPort”:7, “data”: “aGVsbG8=”}’ - i see downlink in frame logs on server. For the first time i use this command, my gateway receive this downlink - but then it breaks down and doesn’t get anything even from Node. I think that this problem is related to my packet forwarder. But even for the frist use of this command my Node doesn’t receive anything. This problem really with my packet forwarder?

  4. What i should do to get some in this field?


I seem to have the same problem, Can you help me out