Downlink messages after unconfirmed uplink


I have made an observation I would like to share and ask if anyone can explain what is going on. I’m not sure this is an “issue” but I cannot explain what is going on. When the logging began about 15 hours ago, I noticed that the server transmitted a corresponding unconfirmed downlink message for every unconfirmed uplink. I thought it odd that the server was responding to an unconfirmed message but I did not spend anytime to investigate whether or not this is normal behaviour because this has always been the case.

I have attached a screen shot of the frame log below taken recently. In the screen shot, you can see that there is a downlink message once for every 8 uplink messages. What appears to have changed is the frequency of the downlink messages. I have another sensor set up in a different application and it appears to exhibit similar “downlink frequency degrading” behaviour.

So, I was curious if anyone else has noticed this and if this is “normal” behaviour and to be expected?

Token message on ABP

This could be perfectly valid. E.g. when you setup the device-status interval in the service-profile, the network-server will ask the device now and then about it link margin and battery status through a mac-command. It could also be the ADR algorithm kicking in…

Note: when the uplink is unconfirmed, it does not mean that the network-server will not send a response (mac-commands and / or application payload). It is actually the opposite, when the uplink is confirmed then the network-server must respond with an ACK.


Im sending uplinks without confirmation over ABP activation and every time that i receive one uplink the server answer with this:


So every time i send an uplink even when its unconfirmed i get a downlink without a clear reason i have search on the forum and on the docs but i got no information about this “Token”

When i do uplinks with OTAA i dont get it



Please check the live LoRaWAN frame-log in the web-interface. These are probably downlink messages containing mac-commands to sync your device with the network-settings. When your device ignores mac-commands, it means the network-server will keep retrying.