Device with Class C feature and Gateways Duty cycle


I have created a device with Class C feature in LoRaServer( using IOT starter kit, under EU band) and I’m able to send multiple downlinks successfully so far everything is good. Now I have a question on gateway duty cycle limitations, by default my gateway will schedule data on Rx2 channel(869.525) with data rate(DR0/SF12) so as per EU regional parameters I could see that for the band (869.52) has limitation of 10% duty cycle. For e.g. packet size is 20 bytes, Rx2 channel(865.525) and SF12, time between two packets must be 13.18 (approx, as per air time calculator) but I’m able to send 20 bytes of data for every <4 sec’s. How is possible ? Am I missing something here ? Is duty cycle is disabled in Network server or Gateway ?

  • g (863.0 – 868.0 MHz): 1%
  • g1 (868.0 – 868.6 MHz): 1%
  • g2 (868.7 – 869.2 MHz): 0.1%
  • g3 (869.4 – 869.65 MHz): 10%
  • g4 (869.7 – 870.0 MHz): 1%


@brocaar, Could you help me out please , Thanks


I believe the duty-cycle calculation should take place at the gateway (as a gateway might connect to multiple network-servers). However, this is not supported by the current Semtech packet-forwarder.


hi, thanks for the reply.
Ii would like to know which packet forwarder does support for duty cycle (on/off), Currently I have just flashed the image from May I know how to find the version of software has been flashed ?