App Server Devices Not Visible Periodically


We’ve been having an issue for a while, with both v2 and v3, where periodically the app server will stop displaying the list of devices. The rest of the functionality appears to work correctly. Restarting the app server fixes this.

I’ve tried turning on debugging to identify where the issue occurs, however I’m just getting a whole lot of sql queries printed to the log which look identical before and after reset; the results aren’t printed.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might narrow down the cause of this? We’re running the server, gateway bridge, app server, mosquitto, postgres, and redis on the same Ubuntu server at the moment.

As the web-interfaces uses the REST API, the best would be to see if you can reproduce this when interacting directly with the REST API.

We have seen this, too. I reported it back in June, but because it is intermittent, it is difficult to diagnose. Best strategy would be to run repeated queries against the server until a failure occurs. At some point I had a hypothesis that it was an expired token issue.