Where i can find old versions?


In order to test migration to another server (phisicle), I need a 0.20.1 version of a loraserver and a 0.11.0 version of a lora-app-server. Where can I find a deb package to install?
The problem is, when i attempt to migrate from version 0.20.1 to version 0.26.3 loraserver and 0.21.1 lora-app-server i lost all of sensor activations.


You will find all the pre-compiled packages here: https://artifacts.loraserver.io/downloads/.


Thank you, do you have some idea to solve thr problem with lost activation? I have backup of redis but it`s not help.


I don’t know. There have been a lot of (sometimes breaking) changes in the 0.x releases. That is why 1.x and then the 2.x releases were created to add compatibility and to make it easier to upgrade. Have you consulted the changelogs? During every release that contains breaking changes I’ve tried my best to document how to upgrade. When you take the proper steps you should not lose the device activations.


Thank you, when i installed the same versions, activations didn’t lost after upgrade.