Thingsboard CE shared Attribute send to lora device

I want to send from thingsboard CE shared attribute to lora device. does anyone know how to do that? I tried thingsboard using rules and mqtt. But did not work. Can anyone help me further?

This is not implemented / supported.

Thanks for the quick information.

I setup an http integration both in Loraserver and in TB and I send the downlink commands to the nodes using REST API in TB.
I’m using Thingsboard PE, so I don’t know if this way is also supported by TB-CE.

Have you made a guide to this somewhere? Or would you like to explain/show how it was done?

I try to describe the main steps:

  • In TB create the payload that you want to send to the LoraServer downlink queue;
    For this I used a transformation node;
    The resulting payload is something like this:
    Note that it contains the downlink msg payload to be send to the endnode converted to base64 (“data” in the below picture)
  • In order to send it to LoraServer, connect the output of this transformation node to the input of a rest api call rule node configured like this:

    Of course use your LoraServer IP address and your JWT token.
    I don’t know if this is the best way, but till now it works …

[gigi130358] Thank you for your support. But i can not try it so, in CE Version external connection not possible.
I try it with your information to connect over Rule chain.