Support for TDoA multiframe via COLLOS


Hey @brocaar, can you also kindly tell how does the FPGA (present inside the v2 gateways) helps in encrypting the finetimestamps? and why can’t we encrypt the timestamps using v1 gateways?


Hii, @brocaar @Yash_Pahwa @pooja.mittal

we have setup 4 gateway for device location
we have installed geo-server and configured with collos subscription key
can you please help me for geolcation of device

we are using below gateway for geolocation

Thank you


Hey @sagarpatel, are you using a v2 gateway, which consists of a FPGA, used for encrypting the fine timestamps?



we are not using v2 gateway, we are using below purchased gateway

Can you please guide us


@sagarpatel According to my understanding, for the geolocation to work, we need correct values of encrypted fine timestamps. These values can only be provided by v2 gateways. I suppose the gateway that you are using is a v1 gateway and it does not support FPGA. A v2 gateway has accurate geolocation capabilities as it has an integrated FPGA with it.
Please refer the following:



currently we have v1 gateway
any solutions regarding v1 gateway for geolocation?