Setup on AWS Free Tier


I’m curious if anyone has successfully setup LoRaServer with the InfluxDB and Granafa dashboard using the AWS free tier?


The tier doesn’t really matter does it? :slight_smile: You could just install Debian or Ubuntu and follow the instructions from


The Docker-Compose quickstart will easily fit in half the memory (or less) of a free tier EC2 instance. You didn’t say if this was for a production environment or you’re just looking to get something running, so…


We have successfully setup the InfluxDB and Granafa dashboard using a free tier on AWS.

Thank you for everyone’s help.



Well I was a AWS customer and for me it was a bit expensive for me. Recently i have been using Apps4Rent services for loraserver. Price are good. Support is excellent. Overall good experience with these guys.

Adrian Gaes


Please share the instruction set !!