Sending data to lora node with mqtt

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  • in place of node now device is used in the mqtt topic structure


I got problem like you. now, i still can’t solved it. if you can please tell me please.


issue got resolved after restarting the lora-app-server instance and device re activation



I am successfully seeing data from nodes on to the lora app server. Now , I am pushing data from node-red to lora app server to relay data to the end node. I am publishing on application/9/node/70b3d58ff003474e/tx , my data is {“confirmed”:true,“data”:“BAE=”,“fPort”:1,“reference”:“something”}.

When I subscribe to the same topic, mosquitto_sub -t “application/9/#” -v , I am able to see that it got published.

Result of mosquitto_sub -t “application/9/#” -v below:

application/9/node/70b3d58ff003474e/tx {“confirmed”:true,“data”:“BAE=”,“fPort”:1,“reference”:“something”}

But there is no no information about this in the live event logs, nor in frame logs.

However, same information when I send from the API POST command,
“confirmed”: true,
“data”: “BAE=”,
“fPort”: 1,
“reference”: “something”
}, it shows up perfectly in live event logs and frame logs, and I can see the class C device responding too.

When i see journalctl logs of lora server and lora app server, there is nothing when I send it from MQTT, but all logs appear perfectly while doing API POST.

I have also restarted the loraserver and lora app server, still the same issue persists.
I found some similar issues of other people, those solutions also do not work.

How do I make it work from MQTT? Is there any other alternative way , like by sending POST command from Node-red directly?

Thanks so much in advance!


@brocaar My issue is solved right after I posted here :smiley: The mistake I had done was to look into old documentation. The topic should have been application/9/device/70b3d58ff003474e/tx instead of application/9/node/70b3d58ff003474e/tx .

Thanks. And appreciate this open source project, this is awesome!


Can you guys explain me How i can create a node-red connection to my loraserver and I can build a webpage to saw my sensor data.
I alreay installed node-red


@dicarva you can use mqtt integration. you can use mosquitto_sub -t “application/9/#” -v for example to look into all tx,rx, join messages for all devices under application id number 9.

you will notice that topic application/9/device/472b41e6002f123c/rx is for example sensor data of device 472b41e6002f123c under application 9. so you can use this as topic in node red.



Thanks It works before you wrote the comment, but one more time thank you very much :wink: