Relation between Sync Word, Private Network and End-Nodes



I’m following
RFM98 datasheet to program my nodes. According to this datasheet, SyncWord is not supported in LoRa mode, and the register 0x39 is reserved. Still all the available libraries for LoRa radios suggest writing a value on address 0x39 to activate the sync word. As far as I have tried, writing on this register has no effect on the network communication. How do I implement the sync word for my device?

Thanks for any suggestions!



Well, mentions the RFM95 only and provides signal waveform if the 0x39 is changed (on semtech and rfm95) and I see the datasheet is also for RFM95. The sync word should be there and a default value is used.

Check Sync Word Recognition

Sync word recognition (also called Pattern recognition) is activated by setting SyncOn in RegSyncConfig

Try setting syncOn.