Raspberry Pi image generator for LoRa Server


Using the script which you can find here: https://github.com/brocaar/loraserver-pi-gen, you can generate a Raspberry Pi image with the Semtech packet-forwarder and all LoRa Server components pre-installed (including dependencies) :slight_smile:

This could be useful when you have a Raspberry Pi based gateway, and want to run the full stack on the Pi.

Note: You don’t (have to) execute the script on a Raspberry Pi!


I will like to know if this includes gateways built of Raspberry PI + Dragino Lora GPS HAT?
I know it is not a full gateway, but I am using in the context of school research. I would like to run the Lora Server Locally, but it is somehow difficult to install. Is it possible?
Thanks in advance.


I have to add that, I already have a packet forwarder adapted to my setup and the can connect to a TCP / UPD server and send and or receive data. I need this because I don’t want to implement all the security and node identification related functions myself.


Basically it installs the Semtech packet-forwarder + all LoRa Server components and requirements. You can always make modifications afterwards if needed or install additional software (e.g. if needed for your Dragino gateway) :slight_smile: