Problem with gateway location map rendering


I noticed a map rendering issue when configuring a gateway:

This is consistent on the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

PS - In spite of the rendering issue, it would be nice to be able to just paste in the GPS coordinates rather than dragging the marker to the location on the map.


In my case, i even could able to seen any map.

I am wondering what should be the issue. I am using LG01-P as gateway


From my experience it is internet issue not downloading the tiles. I also agree with Eric above the ability to paste in the co-ordinates would be far easier and more accurate than moving the pin, esp as I have to take the gateway with me to various locations for various reasons.


You are not having a problem with tiles, you are just seeing the map zoomed and centered at (0, 0), which happens to be in the ocean.


You can go to the configuration tab and then click set to current location :slight_smile:


I just had the same ‘issue’. Map zoomed to 0,0
set to current location didn’t do anything though.
Zooming out, and manually moving the pin worked.
Problem solved