Newbie help please

So, I am trying to learn this whole thing. Basically I have a VPS running CentOS 7.6 that I host several websites on and would like to setup a way to not pay for a LoRa service provider due to already having the server online that I host websites on. I am pretty sure that I am headed in the correct direction. So, I believe I installed the Mosquitto correctly and have successfully created the “hello world” message and it was received. I believe I installed postgre sql correctly and created a database and password for it but when /q and tested it the authentication was incorrect. I created a new db and different password and she issue happens when I quit and test. I also have no idea how to actually install the LoraServer software itself or which version to use for the centos and where to get it. Thanks. P.S. ultimately I have a small pice of land that is fully covered by wifi and want to track animal assets on that said property using LoRa items. Any suggestions of either mixing premade units or designing an Arduino would be appreciated. Thanks all!

You can set up with docker, that is more easier and less problem. Not need to install all environment, just use container in Linux.


What is docker? I also see there is 4 types of servers? Is geolocation better for my task?

Do I need all 4 working for different things. This whole mess is confusing!

There is the docker repo created by brocaar,
Docker is a Linux container tool, you should learn about its basic concept and know how to us docker-compose.
We basically use loraserver, Lora-app-server, and Lora-gateway-bridge to build a standard LNS, geo server is only a module for geolocation (I’m not sure, I don’t understand that thing).
You can read the document, it tells us all what we need to do.

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if you want to setup on Centos 7 I did out a complete guide on installing and configuring it.
See here