Nasys Watermeter



Has anyone managed to connect a Nasys water meter to

We trying to connect the meter, it joins the network, but I’m not to sure about my payload decoding.

I keep getting the following on fport 99 vC1Ao5c9WIAMaFIz/Qj95maINA==, but when I look at the manual it does nit look right, but I can also be wrong, I have contacted Nasys, just waiting for a responds.



but when I look at the manual it does nit look right

Could you post a link to the manual? :slight_smile:




And are you sure that vC1Ao5c9WIAMaFIz/Qj95maINA== is the decrypted payload (which you received on the ../device/.../rx topic?



Thanks, i was decoding the phypacket data and not the mqtt data.

application/4/node/xxx/rx {“applicationID”:“4”,“applicationName”:“Wi360_WUC_Test”,“deviceName”:“WaterMeter01”,“devEUI”:“xxx”,“rxInfo”:[{“mac”:“xxx”,“time”:“2018-07-08T08:49:47.558522Z”,“rssi”:-107,“loRaSNR”:2.2,“name”:“xx”,“latitude”:-24.67377,“longitude”:25.9373,“altitude”:1014}],“txInfo”:{“frequency”:868500000,“dataRate”:{“modulation”:“LORA”,“bandwidth”:125,“spreadFactor”:12},“adr”:true,“codeRate”:“4/5”},“fCnt”:1,“fPort”:99,“data”:“AGICEUwABgEQBwBiAAkBAAAAAA==”}



Thanks, i was decoding the phypacket data and not the mqtt data.

Does that mean all is fine and working then?


yes, i can decode the value right now


Hi there

I am very new to this Lora and Lorawan but recently found out about their water meters and Im gripped, I know Lora doesn’t make the devises but the technology is used to meter etc.

My questions as a non tech guy is:

Where is the best places to purchase theses meters ?
If there is no Lora Network available where is the best place to purchase a bulk gateway.
Is there ready to use “software” and tutorials wrt say connecting 100 meters or 180 meters at once to this gateway
Is there software that can decode these meters information and put into a billing system for me to easily use
Kind regards



Hi Garth,

We got the meters directly from Nordic Automation Systems, and got the AP/Gateway from, and all worked with no problem. Just the decoding of the meter.

Also when you get the meter, ask for a the new BLE meter so you can do firmware updates.


Hi there Q-Lion

I am so thankful their are people willing to guide me on this, many thanks Sir.

Can you give me an indication as to what they cost in Euro.

Also does anyone know where I can purchase a relaible gateway from at a reasonable price.

Once again thank you very much for the service


Hi Garth

No prop

Loraxone AP/Gateway
here you can get the pricing for Loraxone
549.00 CHF

RAK AP/Gateway
I have also played with the RAK833 AP/Gateway, and works well wit the meter.
AP - US $212.50

US $27.50


Would you be so kind and share code for decoding meter readings? I`m also considering buying nasys water meter reader and would really appreciate a know-how how to integrate and read it.


Hi, can you share link of water meter please?



I don’t do my decoding on the Lora App server itself, i do the decoding on viewing page in php.

this is what i use.


		$data = "sF4AALg0AAAA";			
		$binary = base64_decode($data);
		$hex = bin2hex($binary);
		$chunks = str_split($hex, 2);
		$result = implode(':', $chunks);
		$msb = explode(":",$result);
		$msb = $msb[3].$msb[2].$msb[1].$msb[0]; 
		$watterUsage = hexdec($msb);

just check the page Wehrle_Modularis_module_CM3020_2.pdf



here are the links for the meters.