Multiple bands on the same server


Is possible to control different network bands with the same physical server, under the same gateway-bridge and lora-appserver?
We would control gateways from different bands ( US 902-928 and EU 863-870) from the same server.

Thank you in advance!


I’m fairly certain that this is not possible since the settings for band selection is in the .toml file on the server.


You should be able to run multiple loraserver instances though, and manage those from the same lora-app-server service by providing the different network-server configurations at the UI.


This is the way to support multiple bands indeed :slight_smile:


in fact there is a trick, but you need to modify the source code
(1)disbale create gateway on stats feature
(2)add band info on mqtt receive lock
(3)filter packets by gatewayID, which means loraserver instance ignore gateways which not registered in it.


Hi. In the UI I’m getting error

Error context deadline exceeded (code: 2)

Must update from lora 0.23 to higher, but can’t do by apt-get for not losing info or/and configs.

Any update procedure / version sequence suggested?

Thank you!


Please see the change-logs for each service.