Multicasting and Firmware over the Air (FOTA)



Does anyone know about the latest efforts by the Alliance to standardize FOTA and Multicasting? We have heard that both are being actively discussed and may even be released in the next few months.
We are currently using the Lora Server for all our experimental setups and have been very happy with the results so far. However, our applications (AMI) requires FOTA for LoRa to be a viable alternative to existing technologies.
Hopefully this is an area the Project can take up sometime in the near future. Maybe it is already on the way :slight_smile:



As soon as this has been standardized, I do agree that this would be beneficial to support as part of the LoRa Server project :slight_smile:


Hi brocaar,

is there an update since the last post?
Or can you estimate when a FOTA will be possible with the loraserver project?



I’ve just merged multicast support into the master branch of LoRa Server. Support for multicast support for LoRa App Server will be merged later today or tomorrow into the master branch :slight_smile:

This will be the first “building block” to also work on support FUOTA. If one of you is interested in testing multicast support, please let me know.


Multicast support has also been merged into the lora-app-server master branch :slight_smile:


Hi, is this included in the last docker images release or I need to run it from sources? I am currently using your docker-compose install method.
I have xDot and mDot modules which has a FOTA firmware example but waiting for the required external SPI Flash memory chips “AT45DB161E-SSHD-T” to start testing.


Yes, multicast this has been released, also as a Docker image. Please share your experience with FUOTA @lgarellivates!


Hi brocaar,
I’m working on a work project that would benefit from multicast (rather than peer-peer).
Is it possible to use/send multicast from a node (mDot) to other mDots? I’m guessing this would not work with channel hopping, unless a multi-channel gateway was used?
I think the only way for nodes to multicast is to have multi-channel gateways all connected through some network/backbone?
Looking forward to hearing back :wink:


Multicast is from network-server to multiple devices. Device to devices is not standardized. Or you could send from a device to the end-application (uplink) and then let the application schedule a multicast downlink.


Do you believe that the code could be modified to allow node -> node multicast?
Do you think (there is any chance) the above could be done without scheduling (instant/real-time)?

I tried to compile the example using mbed-os 5.7 (5.7.7), but ‘timeSinceLastFrag’ was not defined, so I commented-out the conditional definition:
//#ifdef FOTA
int32_t timeSinceLastFrag();
and it worked.


Now that MultiCast is supported does anyone know if anyone has successfully created a firmware upgrade implementation using LoRa server IO?

Also probably a question for mBed forum but does anyone know if mBed OS supports delta upgrades and if a decent algorithm is implemented?