Multicasting and Firmware over the Air (FOTA)



Does anyone know about the latest efforts by the Alliance to standardize FOTA and Multicasting? We have heard that both are being actively discussed and may even be released in the next few months.
We are currently using the Lora Server for all our experimental setups and have been very happy with the results so far. However, our applications (AMI) requires FOTA for LoRa to be a viable alternative to existing technologies.
Hopefully this is an area the Project can take up sometime in the near future. Maybe it is already on the way :slight_smile:



As soon as this has been standardized, I do agree that this would be beneficial to support as part of the LoRa Server project :slight_smile:


Hi brocaar,

is there an update since the last post?
Or can you estimate when a FOTA will be possible with the loraserver project?