Moving devices do a different application


Hey! Using: v2.4.1 app server (of course latest lora server)

Why can’t change applicationID over API? There is no errors and only applicationID does not change!

I found that even can’t change it in web-interface :confused:



This is not supported as an application is linked to a service-profile which is linked to a network-server. A different application might be linked to a different service-profile linked to a different network-server.


How I can then change application from device and that time sessions not ends ? Or is possible to make change in code, that I can change applicationID when service-profile network-server is same!

use case: I have devicies on my profile (application) and I make tests over MQTT… If devices works then I want to move device to client application in same network-server. That he/she will get data over MQTT with right appID.


You could always overwrite the application id in the device table.


Ok, thnx! I’m going this way then. Not good solution but better then delete and create again :smiley: