Mosquitto publish/subscribe not connecting


Hi Team,
i am not able to publish the message using below

mosquitto_sub -t “application/1/device/4343422222334353/rx” -u “loraserver_gw” -P “loraserver_gw”

mosquitto_pub -t “application/1/device/4343422222334353/rx” -m “hello Lora Server” -u “loraserver_gw” -P “loraserver_gw”



i tested the same command (without user/password) on my system and i had the following message:

mosquitto_pub -t “application/1/device/4343422222334353/rx” -m “hello Lora Server”
Error: Unknown option ‘Lora’.

do you also have this error - if yes, use ’ instead of " - maybe also for user and password
and please leave a feedback


sure, thank you :slight_smile:-)


you should be able to connect without credentials with
allow_anonymous true

allow_anonymous false means required credentials to publish the messages.

We’re not getting publish message and even without error.