Managing LoRa Gateway OS from Mender



I’ve finally got around to building my own Mender cluster, and I’ve run the bitbake commands in the docs, but the bits I’m missing are:

  1. Where does bitbake put the artifact when it completes successfully?
  2. Is there a special “incantation” in order to get this SD image into a format for Mender?

Any light anyone can shed on this would be most welcome!


This might be helpful:

You might need to modify this to your own needs (+ set the correct directory permissions), but I run this from within the Docker container to “export” the build artifacts outside the container :slight_smile:


Perfect, for now that will do nicely!



I’ve now got a CI/CD pipeline up and running with Jenkins building the Yocto image and uploading the results to mender, but I’m having issues overriding the DISTRO_VERSION variable.

As far as I can tell, it’s set in meta/conf/distro/lora-gateway-os.conf and then re-used in various places, however I’d like to be able to set this dynamically to the current LGWOS version + the Jenkins BUILD_ID variable.

I’ve tried to create a new variable with the same name in my local.conf file, but it doesn’t seem to do the trick.

Is there a way to pass this on?

(P.S. if this is better asked in Yocto forums, I’m happy to move this over there instead!)


I’m not sure if it is possible to put this into your local.conf, I remember I had similar issues as I wanted to put the generated image file into a versioned directory which failed because of the load order of configuration files.

I think the Yocto forum might be a better place to ask.


ok, thanks, I’ll wander over there and report back here with the answer! :slight_smile:


I now have this working, and have proposed a minor change at which should allow everyone to be able to do this in future!