Loraserver Cheat sheet



Since I try to introduce many different people (with different technical levels) to lorawan, including potential new customers that will be using my hardware running the loraserver, I thought I could make a cheat sheet to help making it more clear what each part does, ports, configuration needed…

it’s still very early to share I’m curious what you guys think… maybe suggestion on what need to be added, placed differently…

once it’s more advanced I’ll share the original and pdf if anyones want it…


Thanks. I think it’s very nice indeed and I’m interested to get the pdf once finished. At this point I couldn’t see any major (or even minor actually) issue with what you did.



Share the pdf, thank you


Still working on it… getting more complex and colorful… should be done mid next week…


I’m thinking to merge/remove the database column and add Geo server instead…

and of couse work on the integration part… with payload codecs, influx, gRPC and Restful…
still thinking a nice way to lay it out. and time flies


Hey! How are you moving forward? I’m still interested with the result at the end.


Hi, @Xornix since I started placing a lot of information about my node chip, I had to be careful not sharing things covered under NDA. Got the green light confirmation end of last week !! so I’ll be able to release it as is soon. But aIso want to add more things like the packet forwarder / bridge config files that is currently missing from my drawing… crazy how much information is needed for a single cheat sheet… Promise I’ll release at least a version1 soon. thanks for your patience.


ok, still not perfect, but I can call it version 1 …
if anyone has suggestions for modification, missing info or correction please do not hesitate !


Awesome Work GMtI, thanks !!!