LoRa Server Join Forwarding Issue


Hi Brocaar,
I created a Proxy Server to sit between the LoRaServer and the LoRa-App-Server to handle allowing new Devices to Auto-Join the Network. The LoRaServer is currently only forwarding Join Request Packets to my Proxy Server if the Device already exists in the Database. The Journal output for the LoRaServer shows that the JoinRequest was issued and that the Device was not found in the Database error=“get device error: object does not exist”. I need to have the LoRaServer always forward the Join Request packets to my Proxy Server and let it determine whether or not to allow the Device to Join and add it to the Database. From other posts that I have read about this, the LoRaServer is supposed to always forward the Join Request. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks, Russ.