Lora server into yocto project



I am currently integrating Loraserver into a Yocto project.

I was able to get back your work on Lora bridge as well as the recipes.
But in this version (called loraserver-yocto) it is indicated that the project contains all the elements for the creation of LoraServer (as a whole).

When looking at the project’s recipes, only the elements useful to Lora bridge are present (including the packet forwarder).

My question is: did you work on the integration of LoraServer for yocto as a whole, or only bridge is present?
Is it possible to integrate LoraServer in yocto (and in this case, how)?

Thank you,
And thank you for the work already done.


The loraserver-yocto does only provide recipes for LoRa Gateway Bridge and the Semtech packet-forwarder, currently but this might be expanded to the other components to in the near future :slight_smile: