Lora payload decryption


I have got the below values and I want to know how I can decrypt the bytes part.


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Decode LORAWAN packet coming from LORA GATEWAY

I would start here and look at the decrypt methods (if you’re familiar with Go):


When I try to decrypt the payload using aes-counter-128 and appSessionKey I dont get the actual plaintext.
Why might be this a problem?


I have found the payload by removing the mac header and MIC.


The Link : https://lorawan-packet-decoder-0ta6puiniaut.runkit.sh/?data=B60AC9E60E09A0D08B9829B346&nwkskey=67f39a7b60b807f833a497875467a3c2&appskey=c40af93e37530e3c87bb79486e6d8966

I tried and just get a little bit your data . I think your data is reversed by MSB or LSB


The tool is for parsing the received lora packet.
I seperated the MIC and header part from the received packet. I am trying to decrypt the payload part using aes-counter-decrypt, where i am getting gibberish.


I developed a sniffer code in arduino for lora packets. The radiohead library truncates first 4 header bytes, so I was not able to decode it properly. I changed the library code and now its working fine.