LoRa App Server InfluxDB integration (with Grafana)


Edit: I have fixed the issue and am currently releasing a bug fix release :slight_smile: Thanks for reporting this issue!

If you would be able to create a GitHub issue (see my previous link), that would be much appreciated :slight_smile: That way I have all my “todo’s” in one place. I’ll look into this asap.

Please do this the next time, the forum is great for discussions etc… but for bugs it is easier for me to have them in one place.


Hello @brocaar:

I was reporting the issue when I read your reply. So I have canceled the issue report.

Thank you very much for your support. I will report an issue when I find another bug as you have told me.

I want to take this opportunity to tell you that you are doing an amazing work with LoRa Server and its new feature “influxDB integration”.

Kind regards.


I have configured influxdb with database xyz and measurement temp1. Here temp1 storing key-name with value like key as data and keyName “censor_data” and value 0.63

e.g, INSERT temp1,data=censor_data value=0.63
On selecting database xyz corresponding measurement temp1 getting censor_data values
e.g, select * from temp1

I configured influxdb integration in my application on Lora-app-server with database xyz , url , username, password but not able to get anything in influxdb
So, where I’m doing mistake here?
Is it problem during influxdb integration time or somewhere else?
Please help us


LoRa App Server generates its own measurement names based on your decoded data. Please use the show measurements query to list them.


Could you share the code of your image because I open the repo and doesn’t show anything


Hi, it is not clear to me how to configure the InfluxDB integration. ¿How i can connect the lora app server with InfluxDB? Thanks.


See: https://www.loraserver.io/lora-app-server/integrate/sending-receiving/influxdb/ :slight_smile:


Hello, I’m doing the InfluxDB integration. I will report any progress.


I’ve done it, and it seems to be working well

My system is ubuntu16, and the docker version is:
Docker - compose version:
My configuration process is as follows.you can refer to:
Start by installing influxDB;
Start the program;
Then go to the loraserverweb interface to operate:

The following:

And then:

Then I can see the data at the influxDB. (by the way, the influxDB only needs to create a database. When loraserver receives the data, it will automatically create the corresponding table and save the data.)


Hi, is the influxDB compatible with the https protocol?

Is this possible in the current version?


Have you tried it? :slight_smile:


I just spent the last 3 weeks coding to discover all the magic i need is here, with lorasever.io and it writes directly to InfluxDB ( with cayenne).

Man you’re a rock star.


Yes, I have tried. I configured the influexDB API to https but the lora app server does not store any data in the data base. However lora app server save data if i use http API of Influx.


Please check the log output of LoRa App Server for any hints.


I receive the following message:

I think the problem is the use of self-signed certificates in InfluxDB. Therefore LoRaAppServer can not verify the identity of the influxdb server.
I do not know if it will be possible to set up an https connection between LoRaAppServer and InfluxDB using self-signed certificates in Influx.