How to run the project development LoraServer on localhost?


What are the steps needed to run the LoraServer project( on localhost to make changes on some views in project ???



That’s what I want to ask


To make changes to the UI you’ll need to modify and build lora-app-server on your own; lora-gateway-bridge and loraserver may be installed as you wish.

If you want to debug while developing, you may run lora-app-server after building it and a development React server to see live changes. First, build the Go binary and run it:


On another terminal, navigate to /home/user/go/src/ and run this to start a development server:

npm start

This’ll open localhost:3030 in your browser, which proxies requests to your binary running at localhost:8080. You may modify the code and watch live changes, and once you are ready you may build the binary with the included UI changes like this:

make clean build

That’ll clear and rebuild static js files to be served by the binary. You may check it’s ok by running it and then opening localhost:8080 (or whatever port you configured) to see your changes.

Remember to create a toml conf file in one of the valid directories, or give its path through the flag.