How to configure the loraserver using Cayenne IoT?


I’m trying to configure loraserver using Cayenne IoT.
I have a problem that I couldn’t see any data on the Cayenne IoT.
What should I do if I want to use the Cayenne IoT?

Thanks you


Well, don’t you have your data ? The x,y,z value of your accelerometer in the “object” field ?

The string in the “data” field is your data encoded in base 64 with cayenne LPP codec on it.


I forgot the gateway in the office.
I will check tomorror.
Do you have a example data?


But you have one perfect example in your hand. What is your node ?


My node is a rak811 tracker board.


So you expect a localisation not only an acceleration.

Your issue is node-sided. The acceleration data perfectly sent and decoded. I think you just don’t send the localisation data. If there was an error in the codec configuration you would have an error.


Thank you for your advice.


Somehow I have a feeling that initial question was how to integrate data from loraserver into Cayenne.mydevices?
Apologies if that’s not the case, because this is what I am trying to do now…


Is your problem solved?