How to add device attributes like TTN?



It’s possible to add attributes for a device like TTN ? With TTN I use this command to add a custom attribute for my devices, I hope we can make that using LoraServer ? How To ?

ttnctl devices set %%MYDEVICEID%% --attr-set %%ATTRIBUTE_NAME%%:%%ATTRIBUTE_VALUE%%


Anyone can answer my questions ?


This is not the ttn forum. Try this question there


Is not about TTN question,

I need to know if anyone can put a custom attributes or properties like on TTN.

If no answer, do I need to understand is not possible ?


It’s a perfectly valid question.

As far as I know, it’s not supported. You could do something of the like by adding a key and value to the JS object in a custom codec, but that’d be application wise, not per device.