How does the server detect the gateway?


I am having a little confusion regarding how the server is able to receive packets from the gateway. I have not configured the gateway in my server but my server is still able to receive packets from the gateway. How ?? And how does the gateway configuration work then(from the GUI) ??


Check this option in loraserver:

loraserver creates the gateway for you if receives statistics but lora-app-server does not show it to you


is there any configuration such that my server will receive packets from gateway only when i configure the gateway




but its still receiving packets even if i set it to false


because it has been created already
Don’t forget to restart loraserver


where is it storing then? in the gateway_stats table?


Is there any role of MQTT in this scenario?


LoRa Serve processes ALL data that it receives from the MQTT broker. If you want to ignore gateways, you need to configure authentication / authorization on MQTT level.