gRPC api and Go



I want use gRPC api with Go client but I’m beginner regarding both gRPC and Go, so I need some help to find out the right way to do it…

That’s what I understood:

gRPC server is directly installed with Lora-app-server and all functions (wrote in Go) from client side to interface with gRPC api are already available?

So I have to write a script “main.go for instance” to connect to gRPC server and import package “” to use Go client function ???

The following part is not really clear for me:

When using [gRPC](, the JWT token needs to be stored in theauthorizationkey of the request metadata. For example in Go, this can be done by the [grpc.WithPerRPCCredentials]( method.

Globally I must store the token and provide it for each request?

So I found some example to connect in Go I will add my example later.

For information as I’m beginner in Go I did Tour of Go :wink: and I read gRPC documentation link then I performed SayHello and SayHelloAgain example, it work.

Thank you for your help!

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