Google Cloud Platform integration


I’m excited to (finally) share that with the latest release ([release] LoRa Gateway Bridge v2.6 & LoRa (App) Server v2.3), LoRa Server now can be integrated with the Google Cloud Platform!

Cloud IoT Core

LoRa gateways are now able to communicate (using the LoRa Gateway Bridge) with the Cloud IoT Core service (using the MQTT bridge). This can be seen as an alternative to running your own MQTT broker (e.g. Mosquitto). Apart from scalability, this also makes it possible to manage the gateway authentication to the network using the web-based GCP Cloud IoT console.

Cloud Pub/Sub

LoRa Server is able to use Cloud Pub/Sub to communicate with your gateways (though the Cloud IoT Core) E.g.:


[LoRa Gateway Bridge] -- MQTT --> [Cloud IoT Core] --> Pub/Sub --> [LoRa Server]


[LoRa Server] --> Pub/Sub --> [Cloud Function] --> [Cloud IoT Core] -- MQTT --> [LoRa Gateway Bridge]

Also LoRa App Server is able to forward data to a Pub/Sub topic, as an alternative to a MQTT broker. This means that device data can directly be used with other GCP services.

Please see for a tutorial about how to get started with LoRa Server on the Google Cloud Platform (including using the hosted PostgreSQL and hosted Redis services).

How many lora devices can you provision on a single network/application server

This is great news. Integrations with 3rd party services are the kind of features that really favors adoption. Thanks a lot @brocaar.


You are awesome @brocaar. Thank you.