Error, will retry in 2s: pq: password authentication failed for user “loraserver”"



After doing all the changes in config files, my error is:

Nov 07 17:22:18 CMTJM42 systemd[1]: loraserver.service: Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 4.
Nov 07 17:22:18 CMTJM42 systemd[1]: Stopped LoRa Server.
Nov 07 17:22:18 CMTJM42 systemd[1]: Started LoRa Server.
Nov 07 17:22:18 CMTJM42 loraserver[1603]: time="2018-11-07T17:22:18Z" level=fatal msg="read configuration file error" error="While parsing config: (38, 14): keys cannot contain : character"

This error brings me to the DSN line on every config, but I don’t understand why it displays this error, because I haven’t any " : " character on my password…

In loraserver.toml the config is:


And in lora-app-server.toml the config is:


It may be catching “ns:dbpassword” and “as:dbpassword” as the complete passwords?
I haven’t /etc/default/loraserver file neither folder… is anything wrong in my configuration?

Thanks in advance


Please see the configuration example, the above configuration line does not match the expected syntax: