Downlink message using http integration



I am trying to send downlink messages to some LoRaWAN nodes.
Is it possible to use the http integration in order to send a message?
I looked for the source code of lora app server and I found that the following function (defined in internal/integration/http/http.go) return null.

func (i *Integration) DataDownChan() chan integration.DataDownPayload {

return nil


is there a way to add a message in the device queue using this function?

Thanks in advance for the help.



Hope you find out, i were being stuck here for a months ^^


The Integrator is an interface which any real intergration must implement, such as mqtt intergration(internal/integration/mqtt/mqtt.go), but as it is http intergration, DataDownChan() is designed to be null because http intergration do notification job only, to use http to schedule a downlink queue, i think you can use POST device-queue RESTful.