Customizing LoRa Gateway OS

How customisable is the LoRa Gateway OS?
I’ve just set up a Lorix One on our network and it is working quite nicely but would like to deploy them off our network. I don’t want to go via an external IP so would like to add in an OpenVPN connection.
Would this be a case of installing the .deb package or be more involved?


Please see, you will need that to compile additional packages. I also recommend to get yourself familiar with Yocto:

However, what you want to do might already be provided by the image :slight_smile: Note that the image already include a Wireguard VPN client, which has a lower footprint than OpenVPN and is easier to configure.

Brilliant, thanks for the reply. I’ll look in to Wiregard VPN…we already use OpenVPN but could NAT straight to the server.

Cant get Wireguard working on the gateway.

I’ve changed /etc/default/wireguard to Disabled=“no”

/etc/init.d/wireguard start produces:
Starting wireguard
[#] ip link add wg0 type wireguard
RTNETLINK answers: Operation not supported
Unable to get device: Protocol not supported

dmesg shows:
wireguard: Unknown symbol udp_tunnel_sock_release (err 0)
wireguard: Unknown symbol setup_udp_tunnel_sock (err 0)
wireguard: Unknown symbol udp_sock_create6 (err 0)
wireguard: Unknown symbol udp_tunnel_xmit_skb (err 0)

lsmod | grep wire shows nothing

#modprobe udp_tunnel
modprobe: FATAL: Module udp_tunnel not found in directory /lib/modules/4.4.68-01691-ga1184ff5f29f
#modprobe wireguard
modprobe: ERROR: could not insert ‘wireguard’: Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)

modinfo wireguard
filename: /lib/modules/4.4.68-01691-ga1184ff5f29f/kernel/wireguard/wireguard.ko
alias: net-pf-16-proto-16-family-wireguard
alias: rtnl-link-wireguard
version: 0.0.20171221
author: Jason A. Donenfeld
description: Fast, secure, and modern VPN tunnel
license: GPL v2
srcversion: 04ADBD36B4D881DBCF97AD0
vermagic: 4.4.68-01691-ga1184ff5f29f mod_unload ARMv7 p2v8

Any clues as to what you are doing differently?

Hi Brocaar,
I’ve tried various versions from but get the same issue with all of them.
What am I not understanding?