Cayenne LPP historical data


How does the LPP codec handle the LPP 2.0 “historical data” type? As I understand this data type, it allows you to send a payload of past data. How does this data get timestamped and passed along to the database?

I think it would be desirable if the timestamps of the historical data were used.


I have to look into LPP 2.0. I’ll come back on this :slight_smile:


Is the LPP 2.0 standard fully defined? I don’t see anything here: This is the format that is implemented by LoRa App Server.

I do see this discussion:, but I’m not sure if this is defined. I don’t think a forum is a good place to use as a reference to implement a specification :wink:


Yeah, I haven’t been able to determine if the 2.0 spec has been finalized or even when it might be finalized. Not much discussion about this that I can find anywhere so far.