AWS Simple Notification Service integration


The next LoRa App Server release will contain support for AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) integration. This will make it possible to let LoRa App Server Publish events to a SNS topic, to which other applications or AWS services can subscribe.

The configuration will be:

  # AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  # AWS region.
  # Example: "eu-west-1".
  # See also:

  # AWS Access Key ID.

  # AWS Secret Access Key.

  # Topic ARN (SNS).

If you’re interested to test this out, this feature has been merged into the master branch :slight_smile: Looking forward to your feedback!


Hi Brocaar,
Will you be providing the list of events that can be published to SNS?
Thank you,


Yes, when this is released you’ll find this list in the documentation :slight_smile: (the docs are already updated in GitHub, so you can already take a look there).


Nice @brocaar!! AWS users will thank you a lot :smiley: