Assign Gateway to specific Organization


Hi Brocaar, hi all,

is it possible to assign a gateway to one specific application. Or will this be planned in future?

So that sensors from one application have their dedicated gateway and can not send through a gateway from another application if that is in their range.



No, this is not possible. Maybe this could be implemented in the future per organization level, but I don’t think I will implement this per application. I don’t have any plans yet to work on this.


Thanks for your answer.

Actual I can add per organisation different gateways (I don’t see gateways from other organizations). Does this mean, I can receive lora-messages via Gateway 1 (from organization 1) in organization 2?


Yes, that is correct. Gateways are shared across the whole network.


Do you think this is a useful feature for the next release?

It would be great if you implement this per organization. I think it is more organized and two different LoRa-areas can be managed separately, but in the same server-instance.


I agree this could be useful, but it is not on my current backlog. But I’m looking forward to proposals how this could be implemented, in case somebody would like to implement this :slight_smile: